A 220m3 Buffer Tank- 100bbl skid mounted Pop Tank & A Service Rig Tank Complete. Driven to supplying the best rental equipment in the Industry.

Husky Tank Rentals Ltd has a rental inventory of 100bbl, 210bbl & 400 bbl slopes lined tanks that includes double wall and capacity to store acid. Matting of various sizes, 8x20 to 8x40 feet. Shale bins and 400bbl flock tanks. Containment systems for Environmental needs. Including compartmentalized disposal Bins. A fantastic 220m3BufferTanks for Completions and Fracking. Husky Tank Rentals also has a fleet of Bed Trucks for 24 hr service to the Oil & Gas , Resource, Forestry and Industrial Sectors of British Columbia, Norther Alberta & Territories.

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Serving the Petroleum Industry of British Columbia, Northern Alberta, Yukon & Northwest Territories.
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